Manulife Preferred Income Fund

June 30, 2014


  • Steady, competitive income stream of 5 per cent annualized distribution (paid monthly)
  • Reduced risk relative to common shares because preferred shares rank more senior in corporate capital structure
  • Tax efficiency (through its dividend tax treatment)


Sector Allocation (%)

Sector Allocation (%)

Geographic Allocation (%)

Geographic Allocation (%)

Top Holdings %
Tri B Pfd Tri Var Pfd Ser B 4.1
BCE Inc Float% Pfd 3.8
Aimia Inc 6.25% Pfd Ser 3 3.5
Talisman Energy 4.2% Pfd Series 1 3.2
Bam R Pfd Bam 5.40% Pfd Ser 24 3.1
Enbridge Inc 4% Pfd 3.0
Shaw Communications Inc 2.8
Bell Aliant Preferred E 4.25% Pfd Ser E 2.8
Royal Bank 2.8
Transcanada Corp 4% Pfd Ser 7 2.7
TOTAL 31.8


Growth of $10,000
Growth of $10,000
For illustration purposes only
Annual Compound Returns (%) & Quartile Rankings
YTD 1 yr. 3 yr. 5 yr. Since Inception
Manulife Preferred Income Fund 5.5 0.1 1.4 3.8 3.9
S&P/TSX Preferred Share 2.7 -1.6 -1.7 0.8
CIFSC Category Avg. 5.9 2.6 2.6 5.2
Quartile Ranking 3 4 3 4
Calendar Year Returns (%)
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
-7.2 4.8 4.7 5.2




Launched: April 20, 2009
AUM: $83.2 million
Lead Manager: Randy LeClair
Lead Manager Tenure: Since inception
Sub-advisor: Manulife Asset Management Limited
CIFSC Category: Preferred Share Fixed Income
Distribution Frequency: Monthly
Target Distribution: $0.042
Positions: 56


NAV: $9.47
MER: 2.14%
Management Fee: 2.00%
Fund Codes:
(Also available in Series F (MMF4660), T, Elite, Elite T)
Minimum Investment:
$500 Initial; $25 PAC

To generate steady income and achieve capital preservation and appreciation by investing primarily in preferred shares of Canadian companies, royalty and income trusts and fixed income securities.


Only buys excellent businesses that:

  • Managers understand completely
  • Have exceptional management teams
  • Possess long-term competitive advantages
  • Operate in industries with strong long-term fundamentals
  • Are attractively priced
  • Have historically high return on equity and free cash flow

Key parameters of manager's sell process are:

  • Material change in the business
  • Trading at excessive valuations
  • Poor returns, replaced with better investment opportunities
  • The portfolio manager diversifies the portfolio by credit rating, preferred type and sector

  • The portfolio manager seeks to invest ahead of major asset class and sector events

  • The portfolio manager has extensive experience managing fixed income portfolios, and applies this expertise and conservative management style to a market typically dominated by equity managers

Distributions are not guaranteed and may fluctuate and should not be confused with a fund's performance, rate of return, or yield. Distributions paid as a result of capital gains realized by a fund and income and dividends earned by a fund are taxable in the year they are paid.

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