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Manulife AIC closed-end funds are priced the last business day of each week and the last business day of each month.

The Markland closed-end funds are priced each Thursday, and on their respective annual redemption dates. In addition, the Funds are priced on the last business day of each quarter-end.

MPM.UN began trading on August 8, 2007. IPO Unit consisted of one Equity Share and ½ Warrant which split on August 28, 2007.

Last Trade TSX: The price of the last reported trade (closing price) on the Toronto Stock Exchange for a particular day.

Premium: The amount a unit is trading above the reported Net Asset Value Per Share/Unit (CDN$) (NAVPU) expressed as a percentage of the NAVPU.

(Discount): The amount a unit is trading below the reported NAVPU expressed as a negative percentage of the NAVPU.

Diluted NAV per Trust Unit is applicable only when the NAV per Trust Unit is greater than the exercise price of the respective outstanding warrants. Diluted NAV per Trust Unit is the net asset value of the Fund plus the net proceeds that would have been received by the Fund as if all applicable outstanding Warrants of the Fund were exercised (at the lowest applicable exercise price) divided by the number of Trust Units outstanding plus the additional Trust Units that would be outstanding if all the applicable outstanding Warrants had been exercised on the applicable calculation date.

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